We are excited to get back into the studio and will be following strict guidelines set forth by Alberta Health Services. As guidelines change, we will adapt our policies and procedures.

Hide n Seek Edmonton Total Sanitization (disinfect) Strategy.

After extensive research over the closure period, we have adapted Ultra Low Volume (ULV) electric fogger machine to ensure and enhance our sanitization specifically against COVID-19.

This type of disinfecting machine has been used and proved to be very effective on fighting against COVID-19 worldwide. We’ve had and will continue with use of AHS and CSA approved non-toxic disinfectant solution. Industrial grade ULV fogger disperses micro-droplets of disinfectant in large surfaces, which kills virus and bacteria at its contact. This machine benefits guaranteed total sanitization and reduces sanitization time. After multiple practices of disinfecting all areas with ULV fogger machine, 30 minutes of total sanitization was established.

As it has always been, above all, health and safety of everyone is at the top of our priorities. Hide n Seek Edmonton will continue to develop and improve ways we ensure a healthy and safe playground for our children.