Front Entrance

For security reasons, we provide numbered stamps for all family members upon entrance.


Kids Structure

A large structure which includes 9 slides, spider web, ball blaster zone, ball pits, 3D motion play and more.


Toddler Zone

A smaller children’s space with play structure, ball pit, big blocks zone and more.

IMG_6838 copy


Fun arcade games for all family members. Redeem tickets for prizes at the end. 

IMG_6846 copy

Market Place

A spacious room for young toddlers to play. Fun block, and various toys will be enjoyed by many. 

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A relaxing area for parents and children on our upper level. Monitor your children using our smart TV’s.



Enjoy a meal while your children play, or host a party and have your guests served with one of our delicious pizza’s.


Birthday Rooms

Four different party rooms available with either booth or chair seating for your party.


The Volcano

We are proud to have the highest non-mechanical slide in Alberta. Take the climb up the volcano and have a thrilling ride.

Mongie & Sweetie


Mongie: A 7 year old monkey who’s favourite place to play is on Hide N Seek playground. He can often be found playing with his imaginary friend Sweetie.
Sweetie: An imaginary 4 year old teddy bear who is like a little sister to Mongie.